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Useful links

Other reversed/anti othello players

There are a few other programs available on the internet, which also play reversed type games. They aren’t strong players, however, I learnt that the “not public” version of Herakles is able to play reversed games well too. Despite my several attempts to compete with Herakles, Kostas (the author of Herakles) couldn’t find the time to play on the CGS server. I hope this version will be made public soon.

3d Reversi Deluxe

Demo version available - very nice graphics

Simon’s Othello Tutor

java program written by Whitekimby from MSN gaming zone

Zillions of games

A set of different games, plays reversed games too

Other links


A very good othello program written by Gunnar Andersson. It is the fastest and best endgame solver available I have ever seen. Source code also available.


Good program written by Konstantinos Tournavitis, it also learned playing by itself, plays on 10x10 board too

Ntest, Lion (CGS client)

Good program written by Chris Welty. Source code availabe. Chris wrote Lion, which is a GUI and allows you to connect and play on the CGS server.


Very good and strong program written by Romano Benedetto. It is one of the strongest programs.


The best java program which plays othello written by Bruno Causse.


Java program


Java program

CGS game archive

Game archive of the CGS server

Reversed othello strategy guide

written by Turingtest


Play othello online with other players

MSN gaming zone

MSN Gaming zone (online)

Gambiter gaming zone


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